HVCC uses customised software to provide optimal coordination for its partners. This system continuously updates ship movements in Northern Europe and coordinates them dynamically with traffic conditions on the river Elbe and within the port. This gives HVCC an overview of all movements across an extensive period of time and geographical area.

Customers and partners benefit from being integrated into the system in real time. When they carry out joint projects, the various processes and requirements are analysed first before a data exchange is organised. This is done either through customised IT interfaces or user-specific dashboards. HVCC helps to optimise working processes and enable resources to be used as efficiently as possible.

A number of HVCC’s partners and customers are already connected to the Center’s overview and use it to optimise their planning processes. HVCC is continuously developing its portfolio of cross-departmental networking services.

Additional benefits

Costs, emissions and operations

  • Cost savings due to reduced energy consumption (bunkers) in ship calls at the Port of Hamburg and during port rotations
  • Lower emissions due to optimised approach guidance
  • Less internal expenditure on creating overviews
  • Access to the expertise of HVCC (NTC and FLC coordination services)

Data and software

  • Data is continuously updated 24/7
  • Traffic conditions in the Lower Elbe can be coordinated over a wide geographical area and period of time, and precise information can be generated regarding processing at the port
  • Direct exchange of data with previous and next ports of call
  • Integrated, real-time environmental data such as wind and water levels in the Elbe area
  • Customised interfaces, dashboard solutions and reporting functions as part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model




Managing Director

Gerald Hirt
Phone: (+49) 40 74001-4395
Mobil: (+49) 176 3088-2700

Department Nautical Terminal Coordination (NTC)

Phone: (+49) 40 74001-4333 
Mobil: (+49) 176 3088-7261 

Department Feeder Logistics Center (FLC)

Phone: (+49) 40 74001-4413
Mobil: (+49) 176 1034-0437