Barge Vessels

Barge vessel calls and container transshipments by barges are similar to feeder vessel operations. They involve significant coordination efforts due to multiple terminal calls per port call. The efficient work processes facilitated by the feeder coordination of the Feeder Logistics Center (FLC) department are also offered to barge vessel operators by the HVCC. They provide them with a central point of contact available around the clock. The centralized operational feeder and barge vessel coordination creates synergies for terminals and carrier.

The goal is to improve arrival coordination, enhance handling quality at the Hamburg container terminals and ensure reliable terminal rotation planning for barges in the Port of Hamburg. The coordination of barges supports the strategically important hinterland transport operations in the Port of Hamburg.

First announcement

The FLC handles the arrival registration of vessels at the container terminals and other operating terminals, serving as the central point of contact for terminals and carrier. By mutually sharing terminal operating and vessel planning information across the stakeholders, vessel rotations and terminal operations become reliable.

Rotation planning and Coordination

The arrival of barges is monitored through the HVCC software, and the terminal rotation is continuously coordinated with the carrier. Operational changes are dynamically responded to, optimizing turnaround times in the port.