The HVCC module Port River Information System Elbe (PRISE) was initiated under the technical leadership of DAKOSY in collaboration with the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg. The implementation was carried out in cooperation with the Hamburg Port Authority AöR and the pilot associations. Operation and development were initially funded by the two terminal operators HHLA and EUROGATE from 2012. Since 2019, PRISE has been integrated into the HVCC and can be used either as a standalone system or as a module in the HVCC dashboard.

The aim of PRISE was to create an initial data platform for the Port of Hamburg. One of the central processes enabled by PRISE is the digital berth registration of terminals with the HPA. The underlying processes and data usage have been continuously developed in collaboration with all partners over the past years.