In much the same way as feeder ships, calls at the port and the transfer of containers by inland waterway ship requires a tremendous amount of coordination, as several terminals will often be served during each call at port.

The tried-and-tested working processes used by the FLC to coordinate feeder vessels is also offered by HVCC to barge operators, together with a round-the-clock central point of contact. This allows synergies arising from the operational interaction between feeder vessels and barges to be fully exploited for the benefit of the terminals, shipping companies and ship crews.

The aim is to improve the coordination of arrivals, increase the quality of handling operations at Hamburg’s container terminals and ensure reliable route planning for inland waterway ships around the Port of Hamburg.

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Initial registration

The FLC registers the ships at the Hamburg container terminals and other loading points on behalf of the inland waterway shipping companies and is the central point of contact for terminals, shipping companies and ship crews. The prompt provision of planning by all parties ensures a high degree of reliability in regard to port rotation and handling.

Rotation coordination

The approach of inland waterway ships is monitored by HVCC’s software and their rotation is continually coordinated with the shipping company and ship crew. This enables dynamic responses to operational changes, thereby optimising processing times within the port.


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