Feeder Vessels

When a feeder vessel calls at the Port of Hamburg, it regularly serves several terminals. Continuous up-to-date planning within the dynamic operating environment is therefore of great importance.

The Feeder Logistics Center (FLC) has a full overview of the situation within the port and is the central, round-the-clock point of contact for terminals, shipping companies, ship crews and service providers such as pilots, tugs and linesmen. Since 2004, the FLC has been coordinating feeder vessels with the aim of making the ships’ rotation between the terminals and handling at the terminal as smooth and efficient as possible.

For the shipping companies and service providers of the Port of Hamburg, the FLC represents a neutral platform with direct access to the terminals’ relevant operating systems. It assists the shipping companies with berth availability and stowage planning and ensures that pilots, tugs and line handlers are ordered on time. This allows the shipping companies to concentrate on their core business.

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Rotation coordination

The approach of feeder vessels is actively monitored and their handling at a terminal is planned in detail prior to arrival. Direct access to the terminal systems allows pilots, tugs and line handlers to be ordered for the shift to the subsequent terminal in good time. Unplanned delays are identified immediately and proactive measures are taken to develop possible solutions. The FLC reduces the amount of time that the feeder vessels spend in the port, whilst also ensuring optimised utilisation of berths and efficient handling at the terminals.

Stowage planning

The FLC checks the feeder vessel´s work programmes and stowage plans for the terminals to prevent any handling disruptions. In the event of ad hoc changes, such as those concerning rotation, the FLC can restow a feeder vessel at any time, even during shifting.



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